About the artist

Zygmunt Niewiadomskiwas born on April 12, 1955 in Leszczków, Lipnik Country, Opatowski Commute. He comes from a rustic family, settled from Opatowska land. Since childhood, he has been interested in painting and woodcarving.

After he had graduated from vocational school in Katowice, he arrived in Germany in 1975, where he got married. He spent 30 years there but missed home. It caused his heart to churn so he put it in writing. In 2014 he released his debut volume of poetry “Moja ojczyzna” (“My homeland”). The volume included versed compositions, which he wrote mainly in a foreign land during the 30 years as he longed for home.

Although he was materially stabled in Germany, he missed his country so much that in 2005 he came back to Leszczków. There he built a house and an art workshop. He looked into woodcarving, statuaru, and painting. Today, in his spare time, he plays music and writes poems.