A poetry reading and vernissage of works in Opatów

25-th of February 2018 in opatowski, Zygmunt Niewiadomski first introduced the world to  “Żmigród” His paintings attended presentation of songs. A Communal Center Culture in Włostów and Training Center in Lipnik organized this cultural event. The event featured Zygmunt Niewiadomski’s vernissage paintings and poetry reading. The crowd was a sign of interest.

The artist used poetry to convey emotions, transferring gathered guests to a different dimensionFor a moment, they escaped life’s daily rush.

Zygmunt Niewiadomski was born on 12-th April 1955 in Leszczków, Lipnik country, Opatowski Commute. After he graduated from vocational school in 1975, he moved to Germany, where he got married and spent the next 30 years. In 2005, he returned to native Leszczków, where he built a house and an art room. He worked on woodcarving, sculpting, and writing poems.

During this meeting, two books of poems were presented. The first one was a debut book of poems “Moja Ojczyzna” (“My homeland”), published in 2014. There author published poems, which were written abroad through 30 years longing for homeland. The second one „Drogi mojego dzieciństwa” (“Ways of my childhood”) was published in 2017.

Sebastian Szymański, director of the Communal Center Culture in Włostów and Training Center in Lipnik, welcomed guests and opened the meeting. The master of a poetry reading – Zygmunt Niewiadomski welcomed guests warmly and presented the program of the meeting. Afterward, Dr Artur Lis came forth with new book of poems „Drogi mojego dzieciństwa” (“Ways of my childhood”). He emphasized that people read Zygmunt Niewiadomski’s poems very pleasantly. Each poem focuses on another problem. However, in every poem, we can sense lightness of writting and play of writing words. The poems are written in simple language ascetic, deep, and metaphorical, reaching down to explore the very essence of life. We can wonder, why Zygmunt Niewiadomski chose simple language, almost colloquial. It seems that poetry is usual, habitual for him – like bread, heartfelt.

Zygmunt is an example of a raw talent folksy poet. For him writing poems is like the joy of  resting after a long day of work. His enthusiasm which is in simple words, comes to our imaginations in thought-provoking ways. In his poems is an invisible, deep reflection about life and meditation about the human condition.

During the next section of the meeting, Artur Lis talked with Zygmunt Niewiadomski about life and work of Niewiadomski.

Sebastia Szymański -the director of the Communal Center Culture in Włostów (piano) and Konrad Dzik (violin) made a musical frame up to this event. The audience heard moving recitation poems, performed by Anna Sidor, Antoni Sidor, Dawid Cichoń, Karina Wywiał, Wiesława Wywiał, Zofia Kruszczyńska, Barbara Usak and Barbara Biełzońska.

Then, art critic, Tomasz Staszewski characterised Zygmunt Niewiadomski’s paintings. After the meeting, contributors got the chance to watch an exhibition, prepared  by Zygmunt Niewiadomski. They then talked about their impressions over coffee and sweet treats. The event flowed in a very poetic atmosphere. Undoubtedly, it was one of these “moments for which we wait”.

The audience filled the hall to capacity. Thunderous applause, lively discussion, and requests for an encore – followed the poetry reading. The contributors could go on the fascinating travel back in time and inner world of experiences, where the author invited us.

edit by A. Lis


Photos: Grzegorz Lipski

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